The Flea, originally known as La Cucaracha, is a 10-year-old filthy boy (the youngest and most disgusting of the group). In Lucha School, he was 9 years old. In season 2, he was 11 years old. And in season 3, he was 12 years old. He avoids personal hygiene and usually has no problem with breaking the rules, unlike his friends. He is voiced by Candi Milo.

The Flea is described as an unhygienic, dirty wrestler. He has habits of not bathing or brushing teeth. He has a good side as he helps his friends with problems. The Flea can be selfish sometimes. He usually refers himself in third-person.The Flea speaks English as a Second Language (since he uses a bit of the 1st person) and Spanish.

His catchphrase is "Zapatos de rata!", which means "Rat shoes!" in Spanish.

Gallery Edit

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