10 Rounds of TroubleA Whole Lot of El ReyAbuelito
All Creatures Masked and SmallAn Epic Tale Of Heroes And DonutsAngry Cindi Slam
Asphalt of DoomAttack Of The LuchabotsBack to School
Banditos de los MuertosBig Buena SelloutBig Dog
Big WormBigfootBrains Meets Brawn
Bring Your Dad to Lucha DayBuena BasuraBuena Girl
Buena on WheelsCalavera MuertoCalling All Monsters
Carlos AlazraquiCarlton Cold JonesCarnival of Masked Terror
Cartoon NetworkChain of FoolsChinche
Chinche (episode)ChupacabraChurro Overload
Cindy SlamCoco DementoCostumes
Dancing with BugsDare to LuchaDawn of the… Donuts
Day Of The PiñataDoomienDouble Ninja Ninja
DragonflyEl CientificoEl Fundador
El GundamoEl Haystack GrandeEl Loco Mosquito
El MaleficoEl Niño LocoEl Niño Loco (episode)
El Oscuro InvasorEl PacificoEl Perrito
El ReyEl SkelantonioElection Daze
ElectricityEnsalada De FrutasFears of a Clown
Field of ScreamsFlea's Fighting FishFlea's Personal Demons
Flea at LastFrancisco of the ForestFrench Twist
French Twist FatherFrench TwistedFutbol Loco
Getting AheadGetting His GoatGiorgio Sherwood
Gut Busting FleaHam HandsHeart of Lucha
Heavy TrafficHonor Thy LuchaHot, Hot, Hot
How Rikochet Got His Move BackI was a Pre-Teenage ChupacabraJason Marsden
Kid WombatKid Wombat Jr.Kimberly Brooks
La BrujaLa FlamencitaLa Flamencita (episode)
La PiñataLate Night LuchaLaying in Ruins
List of Mucha Lucha episodesLoch Ness MonsterLone Stars
LonestarLos FabulososLos Lobos de Lucha
Los Lobos de Lucha (A.K.A Hungry Like Los Lobos)Lucha, Rinse and RepeatLucha School
LuchabotMama ManiacaMars Madness
Mask AwayMask MakerMask Mitzvah
Masked DogMasked ToiletMedico Mayhem
Meet the MuertosMegawattMini Mercado of Doom
MinotoroMisterioso GrandeMonkey Business
Mr. MidcardaMy Hairy KnucklesNightmare on Lucha Street
Niko Sushi's Happy Battle Funtime Dome 3000Not So Buena GirlOur Founder
Party AnimalPenny PlutoniumPierre Del Fuego
Pig OutPinball WizardPoocha Lucha
Potato Potata Jr.Potato Potata Sr.Prima Donna Hodges
Private ReinhardtProtozoaPulguita
Revenge of the Masked ToiletRick O'ShæRikochet
RolleritaRun, Lucha, RunSVIN
Savage BackpacksSeñor HasbeenaShamrock and Roll
Show Me the FunnySignature moveSlamazon and On…
Slammin' Jammin' LuchadoresSmarticusSnow Pea
Snow Pea FatherSonic SumoSpider and the Flea
The Anger of Cindy SlamThe Brat in the Hat (also known as Los Pantalones)The Call of the Mild
The Code of Masked WrestlingThe CollectorThe Curse of the Masked Toilet
The Fantastic BackpackThe FleaThe Flea's Bueno Twin
The Incredible Penny PlutoniumThe Littlest LuchadoraThe Magnificent 3 (also known as Blue Demon)
The Man from M.A.S.K.The Match Before XmasThe Mucha Lucha School Bus
The Mummy with the Golden MaskThe Musica ManThe Naked and the Masked
Thrills and SkillsTibor the TerribleTic-Tac-Toe
Timmy of 1,000 MasksTomato TamataTooth or Dare
Undercover FleaUnused CharactersVirtual Luchadores
War of the DonutsWeight GainingWill the Real El Rey Please Stand Up?
Woulda Coulda HasbeenaYo Ho Ho and a Bottle of HorchataYou Look Radishing
Zero KelvinZero Kelvin Father¡Mucha Lucha!
¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico¡Mucha Lucha! Wiki

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