10 Rounds of TroubleA Whole Lot of El ReyAbuelito
All Creatures Masked and SmallAn Epic Tale Of Heroes And DonutsAngry Cindi Slam
Asphalt of DoomAttack Of The LuchabotsBack to School
Banditos de los MuertosBig Buena SelloutBig Dog
Big WormBigfootBrains Meets Brawn
Bring Your Dad to Lucha DayBuena BasuraBuena Girl
Buena momBuena on WheelsCalavera Muerto
Calling All MonstersCarlos AlazraquiCarlton Cold Jones
Carnival of Masked TerrorCartoon NetworkChain of Fools
ChincheChinche (episode)Chupacabra
Churro OverloadCindy SlamCoco Demento
CostumesDancing with BugsDare to Lucha
Dawn of the… DonutsDay Of The PiñataDoomien
Double Ninja NinjaDragonflyEl Cientifico
El FundadorEl GundamoEl Haystack Grande
El Loco MosquitoEl MaleficoEl Niño Loco
El Niño Loco (episode)El Oscuro InvasorEl Pacifico
El PerritoEl ReyEl Skelantonio
Election DazeElectricityEnsalada De Frutas
Fears of a ClownField of ScreamsFlea's Fighting Fish
Flea's Personal DemonsFlea at LastFrancisco of the Forest
French TwistFrench Twist FatherFrench Twisted
Futbol LocoGetting AheadGetting His Goat
Giorgio SherwoodGut Busting FleaHam Hands
Heart of LuchaHeavy TrafficHonor Thy Lucha
Hot, Hot, HotHow Rikochet Got His Move BackI Was A Pre-Teenage Chupacabra
Jason MarsdenKid WombatKid Wombat Jr.
Kimberly BrooksLa BrujaLa Flamencita
La Flamencita (episode)La PiñataLate Night Lucha
Laying in RuinsList of Mucha Lucha episodesLoch Ness Monster
Lone StarsLonestarLos Fabulosos
Los Lobos de LuchaLos Lobos de Lucha (A.K.A Hungry Like Los Lobos)Lucha, Rinse and Repeat
Lucha SchoolLuchabotMama Maniaca
Mars MadnessMask AwayMask Maker
Mask MitzvahMasked DogMasked Toilet
Medico MayhemMeet the MuertosMegawatt
Mini Mercado of DoomMinotoroMisterioso Grande
Monkey BusinessMr. MidcardaMy Hairy Knuckles
Mya mornertaNightmare on Lucha StreetNiko Sushi's Happy Battle Funtime Dome 3000
Not So Buena GirlOur FounderParty Animal
Penny PlutoniumPierre Del FuegoPig Out
Pinball WizardPoocha LuchaPotato Potata Jr.
Potato Potata Sr.Prima Donna HodgesPrivate Reinhardt
ProtozoaPulguitaRevenge of the Masked Toilet
Rick O'ShæRikochetRollerita
Run, Lucha, RunSVINSavage Backpacks
Señor HasbeenaShamrock and RollShow Me the Funny
Signature moveSlamazon and On…Slammin' Jammin' Luchadores
SmarticusSnow PeaSnow Pea Father
Sonic SumoSpider and the FleaThe Anger of Cindy Slam
The Brat in the Hat (also known as Los Pantalones)The Call of the MildThe Code of Masked Wrestling
The CollectorThe Curse of the Masked ToiletThe Fantastic Backpack
The FleaThe Flea's Bueno TwinThe Incredible Penny Plutonium
The Littlest LuchadoraThe Magnificent 3 (also known as Blue Demon)The Man from M.A.S.K.
The Match Before XmasThe Mucha Lucha School BusThe Mummy with the Golden Mask
The Musica ManThe Naked and the MaskedThrills and Skills
Tibor the TerribleTic-Tac-ToeTimmy of 1,000 Masks
Tomato TamataTooth or DareUndercover Flea
Unused CharactersVirtual LuchadoresWar of the Donuts
Weight GainingWill the Real El Rey Please Stand Up?Woulda Coulda Hasbeena
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of HorchataYou Look RadishingZero Kelvin
Zero Kelvin Father¡Mucha Lucha!¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico
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