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The Buena Girl
Buena Girl 300-1-
Voiced by Kimberly Brooks
First appearance Back To School
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Occupation Masked Wrestler
Signature move Buena Bulldozer Of Truth
Family Buena Mom and
Buena Dad
 Buena Girl is a 10 year old student and the most knowledgeable of the El Tres Mascaritas and she is mostly the one to help Rickochet and Flea out of their situations. She is somewhat strict on rules, which causes friction between her and her friends. She brushes her teeth eight times a day.  Her signature move is the "Buena Bulldozer Of Truth", where she transforms into a bulldozer and bulldozes her opponent. She claims to be a descendant of the Slamazons, an ancient tribe of female masked wrestlers (play on the Amazons). Normally, Buena Girl remarks, "It's not right!" when something goes against the Code of Masked wrestling or anything outside the rules. She also alternates the Spanish word buena in place of its English counterpart word good in some sentences. Her parents are "Buena Mom" and "Buena Dad". It is also hinted that she may have a secret crush on Rikochet and secret creepy obsession with the flea. She was voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

Trivia Edit

  • She is only seen barefoot in one episode: Chinche.

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